FairComp Mission & Vision

FairComp Mission & Vision

The problem

Access to a good job and fair pay is critical to survival. Yet employers often set the wage. Employers hoard pay data and mystify the process of setting your pay to keep the upper hand.

We hear stories every day about people whose employers are willing to pay them more, but just don’t. Everything from people who:

  • Talk with their manager to tell them they’re leaving, and the manager offers them a considerable raise to stay. (Why didn’t they just pay that in the first place?)
  • Find out that someone who joined years after them, doing the same job at the same level, is paid considerably more.
  • Find out they’re at the bottom of their pay range in states where the range must legally be disclosed. 

Employers create a culture of silence around pay because it benefits them. With the status quo, they benefit from hiring hardworking employees at a discount.

It’s time that changed.

FairComp provides salary data to everyone

Employers want to keep employee salaries low. They pay for verified compensation data to see what other employers are paying. This data gives them access to the lower and upper bound of what they should offer to new hires and existing employees. This data is not available to you. 

The average worker settles with their employer's offer. Some will negotiate based on unverified and inaccurate online data, or what they hear from friends. This prevents employees from realizing their true value.

FairComp is building the only verified pay data product for employees. Employees anonymously contribute their compensation data to unlock access to verified compensation data to help them make more.

Helping negotiate fair compensation

Compensation data will only get you so far. You also need tools to negotiate better pay. 

In most conversations, employees are at a disadvantage; David in the battle against Goliath. FairComp is also building the tools to help you prepare for conversations about better pay. This includes advice and coaching from experts, and an AI agent to help answer questions and practice conversations.

Our vision is to help people realize your true value and potential.

Our mission: Fair pay for all

By joining FairComp, you’re contributing to a community dataset of pay information. The more people that contribute, the better data for you, and everyone else. The FairComp community is encouraging employers to pay fairly. 

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