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The Problem with Glassdoor and other Salary Data Sources

Glassdoor and similar competitors might offer shiny data wrapped in filters, but the problem with all of these options is the same: none of them verify the data.

The Importance of Salary Data when Negotiating Job Offers

Outside of using free, unverified data online to attempt a better approach at negotiating salary, employees sometimes have access to two other options—surveys and professional...

You should talk to your friends about your salary. Here’s why (and how).

Talking about your salary with friends has long been a taboo topic, but that's changing, and it comes with a multitude of benefits.

FairComp Mission & Vision

Access to a good job and fair pay is critical to survival. Yet employers often set the wage. Employers hoard pay data and mystify the process of setting your pay to keep...

What are job levels?

You might have come across the term levels when researching salary and compensation. We often mention it in the context of FairComp. But what does it mean? This short article...

How we protect your privacy at FairComp

FairComp provides world-class privacy and security for our users. It’s not just marketing, but a measure of integrity and care for our users. Our approach ensures your most...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Startup Stock Options

Stock options are one of the biggest perks of joining a startup. In exchange for taking a lower salary than you’d earn at a more established company, you get the opportunity for...